Tokyo ! Japan ! Life now !

Tokyo ! Japan ! Life now !


The end of the COVID-19 disaster is coming soon?! [Vaccine] [New Coronavirus]



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It's hot again today...!

How many days in a row have TV news been told that "Today is extremely hot and intense"?

It seems that it's too hot and my body seems to melt every day, and wearing mask is also too hot, I am worried about heat stroke, and this year is really "the year of ordeal" ...!


By the way, the highest temperature in Japan is 40.9 degrees in Tenryu, Shizuoka prefecture...

It's already a tropical area... 


Really this heat and COVID-19 disaster will last forever...?



 It's such a day today, but I'll be able to collect articles other than the usual "summary" after a long time, so I'd like to summarize!



The contents are

"Current situation of new coronavirus vaccine"!



…even if I say so,

I've posted it on a daily basis in my usual summary, and it seems that it's about to be disturbed for you, so I'll just put it all together in a separate article...




 First of all,

 it's information on newly approved drugs at the end of July!

Unexpectedly, there are many people who do not know yet, so please let them know if there are people who do not know nearby! ↓

The anti-inflammatory drug "dexamethasone" has been additionally certified as a therapeutic drug for COVID-19!

国内2例目の新型コロナ治療薬認定 - Yahoo!ニュース

It is published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in the guide for corona treatment, and it can be used immediately without any examination or approval.

新型コロナ:抗炎症薬デキサメタゾン、国内2例目のコロナ治療薬に :日本経済新聞

I didn't find much information in these two articles, so I looked into it, but the article below is the easiest to understand.


As a result of Oxford University's examination, the mortality rate was remarkably reduced as compared with standard treatment.

41% → 27% (1/3 decrease) in patients who need ventilator

25% → 20% (1/5 reduction) in patients requiring oxygen inhalers


*It was not effective for mild patients who do not need a respiratory system.


Compared to "lemdecibir" that was certified in May, this time it seems to be a therapeutic drug that is effective for severely ill patients!



It is expected to save many lives worldwide as it is the first treatment shown to improve the survival rate of COVID-19 infections!

The remedy is coming out steadily.

However, the number of infected people don't decrease just because of this.


 So the vaccine is really important!



And It's "the" vaccine information from here!

Speaking of vaccine,

it is a fundamental solution to this situation of COVID-19 disease, in which COVID-19 is disabled by vaccination like "influenza vaccination".

It's something everyone is waiting for!


Here is a summary of the news that development of such a vaccine is progressing smoothly!


The clinical trial of the "COVID-19 vaccine", which is being developed and clinically conducted by Oxford University, which I mentioned several times in this blog, is now in the final stage!


Vaccines will be supplied in September as soon as possible!


Not next year! ? This year! ?

Another month and a half! !! !!



Really wonder why this isn't more news!


I will paste it again! (Lol)


is that insistent...?

Sorry... lol

But it's such shocking and happy news, so if you have time, please read it!



Regarding to the contents above,


Finally, Japan has reached an agreement with AstraZeneca on negotiations to supply this vaccine! !! !!

新型コロナ ワクチン供給で「アストラゼネカ」と合意へ 厚労省 | 新型コロナウイルス | NHKニュース

英製薬“ワクチン”1億回分供給で合意へ(日本テレビ系(NNN)) - Yahoo!ニュース

 It is said that clinical trials will begin in Japan this month.


 I said that like above, but


According to today's report, in Japan, they will establish a system for supply from January to March next year...


No, it's too late...


AstraZeneca's Executive Officer Norio Tanaka, responsible for the development of the new corona vaccine in Japan, said


"Once clinical trials are over, supplies may start in the UK as early as next month. I want to start the supply to Japan as soon as possible so that it will not be delayed."


But he also said,


“Japanese data is likely to be very limited. We think that we should move forward considering the expected effect and virus threat, but we need to discuss with MHLW what kind of safety measures can be taken with limited data. ]



Apparently he says he has to think about the safety of different races.



… Like lemdecivir (also a therapeutic drug that was licensed in the U.S. of different races and was specially licensed as a therapeutic drug in Japan), the original plan may be "January to March", but I hope that the Japanese people will be able to get it faster.



And... I have one more current information about vaccines!!

It's really happay to many information about it!



Actually it's not about the world's fastest developing vaccine from Oxford university and AstraZeneca (this vaccine is my personally recomend !), but it was jointly developed by the two companies, "Pfizer" in America and "Biontech" in Germany, which Japan had the first supply contract with. Results of early-stage efficacy of clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine have been announced!

ファイザーなど 開発中ワクチンで「抗体」量上昇を確認と発表 | NHKニュース

As a result of a clinical study conducted in 45 people aged 18 to 55 years, 21 days after vaccination, antibodies were detected in the blood of all people, and the amount of neutralizing antibodies that weaken the movement of the virus also increased!!


Neutralizing antibodies were 1.9 to 4.6 times as many as those who were infected and recovered...


By the way, more than half of the vaccinated people had headaches, but no serious health effects were reported.

The vaccine si also in the final stage of clinical trials, and will be approved for approval as early as October!



What I'm worried in this article is that

"The Japanese government has agreed to be supplied 60 million people by the end of June next year."


June next year...?


too late….


But let's hope that this is also a special case of COVID-19 and it will be faster!



Anyway, as with COVID-19 vaccines from Oxford University and AstraZeneca, it seems that there are the same side effects as headaches.

I heard that it had no serious effect on health, so it's just a slight headache or something.


Thinking so, is this "Pfizer" vaccine and "Oxford University and AstraZeneca" vaccine almost the same in terms of their effects and side effects?


If so, the vaccine of Oxford University announced the same early-stage effect on July 21st last month, so it seems that it will come out to the world about a month earlier.



Everyone, next month!

I want them to reach Japan really quickly!



On a different note,

today was the news of Russia's first COVID-19 vaccine approval in Russia!

This licensed COVID-19 vaccine is the first in the world.

ロシア、新型コロナワクチン認可 世界初(ロイター) - Yahoo!ニュース

It seems that it is the result of a human clinical trial of less than 2 months, but it is also written in the article, but it is a bit scary because it is too speed-approved...


It is a sign of Russia's determination to "win the vaccine race", but I think that it was approved because there was some prospect, and I am glad that the vaccine finally started to come out!




The path to a solution to this COVID-19 disaster is gradually emerging...!





This is an article that I have summarized before,

but I would like to know how long time the materials such as paper, cloth, plastic, etc. need to eliminating the risk when coronavirus is attached, and how effective disinfection is. If you are interested, please take a look!


"Time of disappearance of COVID-19 in each material", but it seems that there are many people who do not know it yet. ..


I was surprised when an acquaintance told me today that "Corona is okay in four or five hours"...


That's not the case!


Depending on the material, COVID-19 may continue to live for several days, so please be sure to obtain the correct information and be careful!


And tell the people around you...





This time, I tried organizing the vaccine information in the summary of the number of new infections every day as a separate article!



Many countries and teams are progressing to the final stage clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine, and it would be great if the countdown started!



This cramped and uneasy day is almost over!



Until then, just a little more,

Please be very careful when you go out!












* Calendar of the number of new infected people in Tokyo as of July 18↓


Changes in New Coronavirus Infection in Tokyo


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
- - - 67 107 124 131 601
111 102 106 75 224 243 206 1067
206 119 143 165 286 293 290 1502
188 168 237 238 366 260 295 1752
239 131 266 250 366 463 - -
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
- - - - - - 472 2187
292 258 309 263 360 462 429 2373
331 197 188 222 206 389 385 1918
260 - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -